Desolation Sound

The Lund Hotel, situated at what is very accurately known as the “Gateway to Desolation Sound”, looks upon one of the most spectacular nature destinations in British Columbia. From the sandy shores of Savary Island to the rugged beauty of Bute Inlet you will find scenery unsurpassed in biodiversity and beauty.

Desolation Sound Marine Park, renowned by boaters across the continent, is the oldest and largest provincial marine park in British Columbia.

Within kayaking distance of the Hotel is the Copeland Islands marine park, a cluster of scenic islands with protected waters that are as favored by marine and wildlife as they are by kayakers.


The Pacific Yachting Cruising Guide to BC Vol. II states:

Many experienced Yachtsmen regard the Desolation Sound area as not only the most beautiful and varied cruising area in BC, but equal to, if not better than, other areas in the rest of the world...With its variety of spectacular scenery, warm summer climate and unusually warm waters (up to 26°C), abundance of shelter and anchorages, this area is a microcosm of all that is best about salt water cruising in British Columbia. The almost complete absence of development or settlement results in a high degree of isolation or “wilderness” feeling.

This quality disturbed Captain Vancouver to such a degree that he named the sound “Desolation”. Ironically this isolated, untouched wilderness is a quality that now draws hundreds of boaters to the area each summer, cherishing the fact that "civilization has not yet permanently branded the landscape in this part of the world..."

In order to preserve this quality, the Government of BC established Desolation Sound Marine Park in 1973. The park comprises over 14,000 acres of upland and 6,350 acres of foreshore and water, making it the largest marine park in BC and virtually the only major park of any kind on the Pacific Mainland Coast of Canada.

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